Why is the district considering asking voters to approve a school bond?


Safety and Security is an Urgent Priority

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Our School Buildings are Inefficient and in Need of Repair

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Some Schools Need Replacement or Significant Renovation

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If the Bond Passes, What Would it Cost?

If the Bond Passes, What Would it Cost? Property owners in the Oregon School District currently are paying $1.14 per thousand of assessed value. The proposed $158 million dollar bond would cost taxpayes an additional .10 per $1,000 of assessed value. For example, owners of a home assessed at $300,000 could expect to pay $30 more a year or $2.50 per month.

Year Constructed:

  • Jennings Lodge Elementary: 1938
  • Beavercreek Elementary: 1948
  • Redland Elementary: 1948
  • Gaffney Lane Elementary: 1965
  • Holcomb Elementary: 1966
  • Candy Lane Elementary: 1969
  • John McLoughlin Elementary: 1975
  • Gardiner Middle School: 1954
  • Ogden Middle School: 1965
  • Jackson Campus: 1938
  • Oregon City High School: 2003

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