Construction at Gardiner Middle School continues on schedule

Progress continues at Gardiner Middle School

Work continued on all elevations of the building’s exterior. Exterior storefronts arrived for the first time and installation began on the West side. Metal wall panel framing and entry soffit panels were installed at the West elevation as well. Work also continued in the Learning Neighborhoods with MEP rough-ins, cover inspections, framing & high rock and steel work on the stairs. Interior framing in the gym was completed and gypsum board begin installing. Soffit Framing in Timber Hall made significant progress.

The front entrance storefronts were also installed and the framing for the entry corridor metal wall panels began installation. Guardrails were installed in many of the stairways. In the gym, drywall paint began. The roofing top cap in Sector A was completely finished and material was stoked for the covered play area to begin. Another important milestone was beginning to secure the building – access is now restricted to ensure the building is safe.

Learn more about the improvements underway at Gardiner Middle School - and check out the construction timeline and the live camera, too.

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