Safety and Security

Safety and Security was a key priority for the Bond. Prior to going out to voters the District did a security assesment and found that  every school had communications systems, locks, front entries and security systems in need of repair or replacement. Fire alarm systems and sprinklers were also need repair or replacement.  The 2018 Bond funded a 3 year program done in two main cohorts to improve safety and security at every school in the district.




Begin May 2019 and Completed August 2019

  • Interior Locking Classroom Doors District-Wide and Two-Way Radio Systems

  • CAIS Maker Space

  • Jackson Campus  - Roof and Boilers

Begin May 2020 and Completed August 2020

New Secure Entries and Perimeter Improvements at:

  • Holcomb Elementary

  • Redland Elementary

  • Park Place School

  • Gaffney Lane Elementary

  • Jennings Lodge Elementary

  • Candy Lane Elementary

  • Oregon City High School

Begin May 2021 and Completed August 2021

New Secure Entries and Perimeter Improvements at:

  • Beavercreek Elementary

  • McLoughlin Elementary

  • Eastham Community Center

  • Oregon City Service Learning Academy (King) & District Office